Music throughout Maternity

Welcome back and Happy (belated) New Year! We recognize it has been a while since we built on our blog. Our ambition and resolution this coming year is to not only write more frequently about music, but also to be open about, and embrace, the joys and challenges we encounter in our lives. While there is so much to share, there is an obvious place to begin... Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the newest member of Duo-B? Matthew Borter! We welcomed Matthew into the world on December 7th. We've been delighted to notice how our older children, Jude (five years) and Joseph (two and half), are fascinated with the new member to our family. The expressions of love they offer Matthew are so sim

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Unique in the classical music world due to its dedication to works for violin and cello ensemble, Duo-B is quickly earning praise for their passionate musical commitment, creative style, and original programming... More about us...