Florida Tour

Having grown up in Central Florida, I suppose I'll always feel like a Floridian at heart. When I was a teenager, my family relocated from Ocala, FL to Richmond, VA, where I spent the remainder of my pre-college days, before moving on to Cleveland (OH), Rochester (NY) and eventually winding up abroad in Germany. However, I've been fortunate to frequently find ways to return south, usually through some musical event, and every time I do it somehow feels like a bit of a homecoming. These trips often involve reconnecting with family, life-long friends, and colleagues, while at the same time allowing for opportunities to meet new friends and build relationships with new audiences. The tour we ha

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Unique in the classical music world due to its dedication to works for violin and cello ensemble, Duo-B is quickly earning praise for their passionate musical commitment, creative style, and original programming... More about us...